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as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ
reply to 08034016

Re: [ALL] Price is Justified only if...............

said by 08034016:

See the rate increase is justified if Cox Actually gives us Customers some meat on the bone so to speak, in other words internet speeds cap increase from say 45 download to 65 download etc. Cox communications could easy do this However that's not the case,i subsidize those NEW CUSTOMER COMING TO THEIR COMPANY Wanna make a bet am not look at your cox home page go to Internet see that price this is "ONLY" for NEW CUSTOMERS Unlike people like me that have had internet with cox since June 2001!!! LOYALTY doesn't matter.

My dream is for another Company cable provider to come in my area and give cox run for the money.

So get DSL for 91 days then you can come back as a new customer.
Despises any post with strings.