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Shoreham, NY

Another Storm And No Internet or Phone

Same old same old service issues with Cablevision. Another storm and service is fine until the storm is over then internet and phone service goes out but TV remains. And again no information from Cablevision support. I understand the roads are bad, but our lines are underground, the service comes in on one cable, and obviously is still working yet 2/3 of their service is out. Cablevision claims they have the highest quality service, yet anytime is rains, gets a little windy or snows and is cold NO SERVICE. If only Crookhaven Town didn't screw over Verizon when they wanted to lay FIOS, we would have all had a option to change and Cablevision would have had an incentive to actually maintain their equipment. But no competition means they can put little to no money into the system and know that we will all still pay.


Monroe, NY
I live in an area where Cablevision competes with Frontier (which is a joke in itself) and never lose service, it all depends on your location.

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New Jersey
reply to magaman
said by magaman:

internet and phone service goes out but TV remains.

Internet and phone are controlled by your modem, TV is not. What are your modem signal levels like when it's working? You may have marginal signals, and the storm puts you over the edge and the modem stops working.


Good post Bob as that's what I was thinking in the first place. In CT we got the 3 feet and lines are on the poles and my service is working fine now, even better than Friday. LOL. Was having some issues then but I just figured it was the storm and all that, all back to normal now.


Except for the fact that Cablevision is spending a ton of money to upgrade and maintain their network. You claim that every time the weather is bad you lose service. How many times have you called CV to get your problem checked out? I'm betting on zero.

Piscataway, NJ
reply to magaman
Several years ago shortly after I moved in (new construction), I'd lose Internet service whenever it was very windy out. After about 3-4 outages I decided to call. Despite the lines being underground (they're above ground somewhere), it turned out there was an issue with the installation of the lines in the development. As a result of my call, they sent out a line engineer the same day (not your typical house tech) and he rebalanced the plant. 6+ years later we still get wind, but the Internet stays rock solid (they get a free pass with Sandy, LOL).


Lindenhurst, NY
I just canceled Cablevision due to storm related problems. When I spoke with the rep and told him I was without service for 2 weeks after Sandy due to thier network requireing utility power to operate he offered me a modem with battery backup.

I tryed to explain to him that I had power during the entire 2 weeks (auto standby generator) and the problem was with their system requiring power for thier pole mounted power supplys, to that he said they have batterys in them. I told him they only lasted a few hours.

He them offered me some discounts, I told him no just cancel me. He did and then told me I have to return the Modem to the store. I told him I owned the Modem (got it at the WIZ) but he insisted I had to return it.

I went to the Cable store on rt 109 in lindenhurst, walked the 1/8 mile from the overflow parking lot, waited on line for 1/2 hour. The rep scanned the bar code on the modem and said "this is costomer owned equipment, you do not have to return it".

I asked him to take it anyway and give me a receipt for it, I also asked him to verify the account is closed, It was.

I should mention that everyone I know (about 20 people) who have FIOS had full service as long as they could provide power to the equipment in their house so thats where I went.

The Fios tech did a great job and even gave me his cell # to call if I had any problems. I know that I could loose Fios during a storm if the fiber gets broken by falling trees but at least their network does not rely on LIPA to operate. It's a 50/50 shot but it's better than the 100% failure with Cablevision

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New Jersey
It's nice to have competition. Unfortunately, Verizon has decided that we will never, ever have Fios available to us, even though it's available across the street.


Flanders, NJ
reply to kevink19556
I used to experience severe (80%+) packet loss whenever the weather was cold, if not have the service be entirely unusable, especially if it was cold and windy.

It took years to get it fixed; and this is after speaking many, many times with basic tech support, 5 different field supervisors, a manager, Wilt and lastly executive relations (in order to get a refund).

Despite all that, it wasn't my contacts with them that got the problem resolved; it was them adding bonding channels to the node; signifying a severe congestion issue.

A year and a half later, packet loss was coming back, along with severe downstream congestion.

Luckily, it only took half a year to get more bonding channels this time. (Though the packet loss only started happening within the last few weeks)

I'd have switched providers 3 years ago, but...

said by kevink19556:

The Fios tech did a great job and even gave me his cell # to call if I had any problems.

You're lucky; FiOS has been in my area for the last 3 years but was never wired down my dead end street. If I take a 30 second brisk walk I can come to a house that has FiOS.

I did contact an engineer through DSLR who, unfortunately, informed me that they'd have to run an entirely new feed from the service area to get down to my street. I don't know how this technology works, but it really sucked hearing that; assumed they'd just be able to extend the lines from the house right next to our street inlet, but apparently not.

Course, this was after Verizon stopped rolling out new service. If I knew this a year or two earlier, I probably could've been rolling with an amazing internet experience ever since.

"Oh well", right?

Think our internet costs $75 alone right now; from what I hear about people near CV's HQ in NY, we're being nickel and dimed pretty hard, all for service that isn't very reliable.