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reply to whoaru99

Re: I have made it clear....

said by whoaru99:

Can't say that either AT&T, or Comcast have such policies, either.

It's a policy of the forum when in place, not companies that may or may not be sponsors, and typically applies to open forum areas not private/dedicated areas like the old Charter Direct forum.

Such as:
»Comcast HSI
... or:
»AT&T West

Neither of which seem any more likely to stop whiners than this forum. This thread does not seem to be a blatant rant, as you seem to think.

BTW, I now have 15 Mbps ADSL2+ with a static IP address for just $19.98 a month.

I'm happy for you to have a service that meets your needs at a price you can afford and I wish that for horse too, but that's a given and never has been my point (nor that of some others) that you should just pay more than you want/can afford and like it.

My point has been very simple all along. If you're not happy with the service you receive and the company has not provided satisfaction then just quit and move on, don't be a drama queen about it.

It doesn't hurt to hope some agents of the "Suits" are monitoring, and reporting. And it seems to have helped the Comcast users at one point.

P.S. And I did announce my departure to »AT&T West, FWIW. Given that my new ISP covers some significant part of their footprint, I figured others might find the information useful.
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said by NormanS:

This thread does not seem to be a blatant rant, is you seem to think.

If it has been just one post I'd agree, but it's again, and again, and again, and, well, you get the picture. In my book that constitutes a blatant rant regardless if you agree or not.

As I say, move on, it's simple. You've done it, I presume others dissatisfied are equally capable.

If I were Charter this is what my reply would be -

"Dear Customer,

At this time we do not have a package that suits your needs. To mitigate further dissatisfaction it is mutually beneficial to dissolve our current relationship. As such, we will be terminating your account at the end of the current billing cycle.



Discussing dissatisfaction ...

If I were Charter I would look at this thread as a constructive effort to have them RECONSIDER the viability of their take it or leave it tier at 50$/mo or so and reinstate a more value oriented product.

This is why companies fear the internet because customers have the power to push back and the rest of the public gets to see this. I suppose if you are using a hard nosed business plan it will be more difficult to pursue it today.

I am a paying Charter customer, that has paid on time in full for all service I have been provided with over the years now.

Sometimes the same point must be framed in several ways for it to be well understood.