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Software managers for Windows?

While I understand some of the software is branded, and the majority 3rd party, I like the idea of a trusted software manager so people didn't have to be lost in the land of windows. It would seem most people only discovered other browsers than IE through word of mouth, and advertising. They may not be perfect, and sometimes offer some branded software like Mint does annoyingly, but you an still learn they are available, then get them from their source without branding.

I'm not sure I would trust Microsoft to manage it, they seem intend on their metro app store lately, and even tried to block the installation of classic shell into Win 8 on my computer.

I'm not looking to start a windows vs nix war, so don't start it for me please. The sources of finding good software for windows are quite mixed, and often companies looking to trick the user into running a malware infested copy of a popular program, and those scam artists on tv selling software for 'dirty" computers.

Vive Vivaldi
Irving, TX
There are a few programs that will download and install a small list of other programs for you, but I know of nothing like you describe, mainly because linux-style software repositories don't exist for Windows. The closest thing to that would be the large download sites like I like my software self-contained, so I'm partial to
Think Outside the Fox.

That's basically the kind of thing I've found so far. I had to ask as I've found it so convenient, and didn't have to read a bunch of forum topics to find information even if the source might have a little bias to it.

Thanks for your response.