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The Burbs
reply to alkizmo

Re: Generator Time!!!

said by alkizmo:

said by Bob4:

You mean the whole 18 inches?? That's nothing. You Montrealers don't know real snow.

Snow drifts making banks over 2-3 feet.
City plow locking me in twice in a row.
Point is: It's no fun.

And I'm sorry Bob, but I don't see how New Jersey gets much more snow on average.

Depends where you were. Montreal got over 50-cm (~20 inches) while area's like where I am got over 30 inches from the same storm (spread over 4 days).

The banks all around me around are about 7.5 feet high. I wish I had 2-3' snow banks. But at least it wasn't -40C when I had to shovel. Was only -27C, *phew*. That -40 stings.

BTW, schools didn't close here. Ontario closes their schools for 10cm.