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FACTS only please
Norwalk, CA
reply to soundadvice

Re: [HD] Loud commercials on HD channels- INSERTION

said by soundadvice :

said by Jonasjlp:

On Demand is the worst, volume is twice as loud as normal tv.

on demand is encoded by a 3rd party provider not by fios

if you know the name of the 3rd party let us know, cause I have filed several complaints against Verizon, NBC and a few others, seems like they played nice for the first 2 weeks now, they are encoding some commercials so all sound is piped out the center speaker and not through the 3 speaker setup I use through the stereo .

so now I tried a experiment and lowered the center channel speaker on the HK so voices drown in the background music. it is terrible!, so I set it back up to +10 and the 2 rear side speakers to 0. this seems to work for me and the little bose speakers.

finger on mute all the time, so what they want me to hear loud is now dead.

and they wonder why people like DVR's and 30 second skips


White Plains, NY
I gave up and got the loudness stabilizer on my new TV. It solves the problem. Verizon has had this problem since Verizon TV was beta many years ago. Outside of the FCC threatening to shut down Verizon TV service I just don't see Verizon acknowledging this issue yet alone fixing it.


had the same issue with directv. dont think its the providers.