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New Orleans, LA
reply to WASD John

Re: [LA] Cox LA Network Upgrades Soon?

Back before channel bonding was enabled, I use to check my signals almost on a daily basis due to outages, slow-downs, etc. Well, since channel bonding has been enabled and the Ultimate tier rolled out (I subscribed the day it became available) I haven't had a single problem since, so I haven't really checked on my signals until now, just because I haven't had a reason to (a very good thing). Well, after just being a little bored today, I went ahead and checked on my signals just to make sure everything is still in check, and I was shocked to see that I now have 8 downstream channels, and 3 upstream channels. Granted, my speeds have been spot on (60/6) since the day I subscribed to Ultimate, so the increased number of channels hasn't made any kind of difference, but it prompted me to come here to the forum just to see what the buzz is right now, and to see what's behind the increased channels.

Now that I'm here, I am SO excited to see the upgrades that we have to look forward to. 185Mb/s download speed is insane!! To be honest, I don't even know what I would do with all that speed, and may actually be able to drop back down to Premier to save a few bucks. Very exciting news indeed!

Just for kicks, here's a screen shot of my signal page:
I'm in 70124 by the way.