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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

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Re: [Internet] Business Account & IPv6?

said by AnonMan :


Any ETA? Why is BH so far behind everyone else? AT&T & Comcast both have IPv6 and have for a bit. BH has a much smaller foot print compared so less equipment to upgrade plus BH peers generally sooner vs the others, or at least in FL, so again less equipment to upgrade lol.

Not to mention most equipment for the last 5+ years has had support for it.

**end cry rant**

We're not behind and for the most part AT&T doesn't offer IPv6. Comcast has been pushing IPv6 in select markets and probably has the jump on everyone. Exactly what benefit do you think you are getting there. The IPv6 universe is pretty dark still and will be for a while despitye what some might think so I'm curious what benefit you personally think you will gain from it.
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The benny I gain is some places are IPv6 only, it is no where near as scarce as you think...

We have some international clients that are only on IPv6 and most major Datacenters are v6 enabled and giving those addresses out more, not to mention v6 is the primary in any communication that uses both and often times actually is faster we are seeing due to different routes, not to mention most big major companies are using it.

We even have some select equipment v6 only as it has no need for v4 due to being internal use only so no point in wasting v4 addy on it.

Not to mention v6 offices more flexibility in sub-netting.

That said, we have a number of offices across the country and every single AT&T and Comcast one has IPv6.

The only area Comcast doesn't have v6 are any Cisco based CMTS due to some issues but most of those are being resolved even.

AT&T's entire network supports it just most client side modems/routers they issues don't however all our business ones do.

I just rather not have needed to use a tunnel but seems in our one location with BH that will need to be the case :/

That said we also have some places with accounts with random companies that provide it as well. So it seems it's harder for me to find a provider that has no v6 vs. on that does lol

Oh well, doesn't sound like will happen any time soon.

Thank for the replies.