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Woody Sr


Bandwidth Exhaust

Totally the worst internet service I have ever seen since running a bbs. Trying to remote into workstations and complete diagnostics tests when my speeds are 1.5MB or slower is insane. Many times I have to turn my Verizon hotspot on to get any work done. There are so many people complaining about Centurylink Speed issues and the BandWidth Exhaust. I have to start looking for alternate internet service immediately in order to run my business.


Chandler, TX

I was looking at Northland Cable's new ToS and bizarrely enough, they only "allow" you to have 10 computers in your LAN on the "business" package.

I mean, there are ways around them seeing this, but... wtf?

Boise, ID
reply to Woody Sr

Hi Woody Sr. This is Joey with CenturyLink. Sorry to hear that your speeds are so bad you're having to rely on your hotspot. If you send us your information we're happy to help with this. We ask that you contact us at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com. Make sure to include your account information and speed tests showing the slow downs. Thank you.

Joey H
@CenturyLinkHelp Team



I have had issues with CenturyTel as well for the past few years. We are supposed to receive 1.5 and are actually getting .23. I called yesterday and was told they have been aware of the issue for quite some time and there are no future plans to fix the problem. They said it is a "permanent bandwidth exhaustion". They said they will be giving me a reduction in my bill. If CenturyTel has known about this for quite some time, why were they continuing to charge me for 1.5 when they knew I was not receiving it and I would not in the forseeable future? Why did I have to call and call and call until I got the right person who would actually help me? In fact, just a few months ago, I was told the number of people on the line does not affect speed.


Bargersville, IN

To me it is not much different than a bank robber. Of course they do not rob you with a gun but they still rob you of your money. They charge you for a service that they know they cannot deliver. A thief without a gun is still a thief.