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Youngsville, NC
reply to Hagar

Re: At 7F outside heat pump maintained 73F indoors

said by Hagar:

You and Pandora seem to have well designed HVAC system and good experience with your heatpumps. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I do not understand why HP are not more popular in the US and why the common perception is that they are no good?

They're pretty popular below the Mason Dixon Line. Maybe the issue was people weren't getting properly designed systems installed, or not using them correctly / false expectations.

I have no complaints with mine either, but since I grew up out on the Great Plains, what really got us motivated were two months of $400 resistive heating months in a row - that's why we installed the propane furnace as backup.


Sunnyvale, CA
Maybe I am biased since I live in California. Electricity here is very expensive compared to gas that even with a COP of 4 you would not save money.

Heatpumps are not common which is sad since we have the perfect climate for them.