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Blairstown, NJ
reply to mark42

Re: Want to upgrade my Sprint mobile Pantech card.

Here is the latest:

I have noticed that when the laptops lose internet service, the wired PC and media players don't. So I bought a new router (linksys EA2700) and turned off the wireless in the old Linksys wtr54g3g-st router that holds the air card. Connected the wrt54g3g-st to the EA2700 like it was a modem. The EA2700 handles all the wired and wireless connections now. The wrt54g3g-st just connects to the air card.

The result is that there has been only one disconnect in tha last week (used to be multiple daily) and after a minute or so, it reconnected on its own. So I am satisfied with this result.

Another improvement has been in Sprint itself. Last year we went through a two month period of being disconnected every 10 minutes. Sprint said the problems were related to tower upgrades. Now I notice that download speeds are up to 2.5 Mbps! A huge difference of the old max of 1.1 Mbps. Frostwire shows downloads of video rips are typically at 200 to 290 MBps. Never saw downloads that fast before.

Now I have two of the Linksys WRT54g3g-st routers, and both have the same wireless problem, so its not just an isolated problem with one router. My guess is that the wireless starts to have problems on these routers after a few years. So if anyone else seems to be getting constant disconnects or just 'hanging' through the Sprint router, try daisy chaining it to another router and see how it works.

BTW, I did not install the software that Linksys suggests you use with their new line of routers. They still respond to direct access via a web browser. Set up the address of the wrt54g3g-st to, and left the new EA2700 as They both respond to their respective addresses for management, and the EA2700 did not need any changes to support the WRT54G3G-ST as an internet modem. Just plugged it in and all works well.

Take note that I did not use the Linksys "Smart Wi Fi" router firmware. I am running the Classic firmware.