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reply to gwalk

Re: Censorship and Cancelation Issues.

This is most recent post of my topic after its been deleted 3 times tonight asking for help for these customers... This will again be deleted.. All from the Executive Customer Care Manager at Hughes in the corperate office..


Canceling Servie and no one able to reach anyone on phone

Sara, You mentioned to Suzie to call customer service but there are 5 customers that havent been able to reach anyone in a week... Why will you not address them yourself... They CANT get a case number if they cannot reach anyone... Ive tried many times myself recently and waited over an hour each time with nothing.. One time 3 hours and nothing....

AGAIN... This deserves an answer.......Im standing up for your frustrated customers, Im NOT Trolling.. Just trying to help 5 people...

Why are legitimate questions about canceling the service getting moved into a closed topic with NO RESOLOUTION or ANSWERS to thier questions pleading for help.. These customers have tried every avenue and HUGHES is IGNORING them...What is hughes trying to hide.. maybe the complete lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE... Hughes... Your customers DO NOT deserve this kind of treatment from Hughes Executive Customer Care which is who controls this board and MODERATES it... Sooooo.. I ask again as nothing in this post VIOLATES THE COMMUNITY GUIDLINES as you stated as a reason for the same exact question was DELETED... I believe the 5 customers with this problem that have been begging for help have a right to an explanation from hughes... some have been asking for a week now...


Here are you customers, You already deleted 2 tonight,,, Rhonda even has case number listed... You deleted my comment with contact information right off the internet from official sites and yet still left no response to her... WHY.... Im a nice helpful person but do get aggrivated and mad when I see people treated this way..

Sharnel - Deleted

Rhonda Brewster 4 days ago
How do I cancel my service????? I can't reach a live person.

How do I contact the Accounts Management department? I'm trying to cancel my service, and I've gotten cut off 6 times today. You make it easy to sign up, but not so easy to get out of it. We haven't even had our service a month, and it's just not working for us. I was lied to by your salesperson about the bandwidth we would receive, and I can't even use my credit card machine. Plus, it took 3 weeks to get the equipment to install it, and then it took 2 weeks to get your tech support to help us get it partially up and running. They wouldn't work with us on our schedule, and they expected us to be available 24/7 for when they decided to call us. One of your techs even told me that we weren't the only customers. I'm just done with this. It was a mistake, and I want out of it. (Case #34734703)

Barbara Polley 1 day ago

canceling the hughesnet service

I have tryed to cancel the service i have only had it 8 days and hate it. I can not get to a person to cancel. I sent e-mail to main office no reply. CSR let me play phone tag. Any suggestions.

Myrna Guerra

I want to cancel my account now!!!! no one will answer the calls. I have been trying to do this for the past 72 hours. can not get help. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee cancel thus account now. Myrna Guerra