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[Cable] Ottawa/suddenly no youtube

I ve never had the slow down issue until today where my 18mbit cable only gives me about 0.5 mbits/s. on youtube. So annoying. browsing is ok

Yahoo ping is at 150
Google at 30

This reminds me of the ensless dhcp errors also bell s dns errors.
Why is this happening???


Orleans, ON
I'm experiencing the same issue, contact the teksavvy's technical support; after troubleshooting they'll create a work-order for your issue. I just opened mine so I hope it gets fixed soon.


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Everything has gone wrong in Ottawa.
Expand your moderator at work


Gloucester, ON
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Re: [Cable] Ottawa/suddenly no youtube

i live in ottawa, ogilvie street. i'm on st laurent POI and i haven't had a problem with youtube this week. i'm on 28/1 plan and i receive about 21-22mb/1 instead but i dont have the same problems you're talking about.

is it possible that your using a wireless router? when i use my wireless i always get horrible pings like that if i use wireless because my router is a piece of shizz...

apparently we will be the first city to get the upgraded POIs to help even out congestion stated by marc in another thread, but who knows how long that will take to get done. and even if the poi's get upgraded i don't think we will get the new speeds of 25/2 35/3 45/4 until a later date which is pretty lame but i can't say myself since its up to TSI to decide what they're going to do. :P


Kitchener, ON
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From the sounds of things, it sounds like there may be an issue with the particular POI that you're connected to. Perhaps there's been a major over-sell?

I can't say that this is the case because I honestly don't know, but it's just a thought.

On that note, have you tried a traceroute to YouTube?