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Bloom County
reply to CylonRed

Re: Noooooo - my fav keyboard broke the K key....

I will have to get used to the Windows Key - may have to see about the program to disable it.

Burnt Out Cynic
I play games where having the start menu interrupting you can really suck, and I rarely hit it by accident, however yes you disable it with software. There's useful keyboard combinations with that key so I'd leave it enabled personally.

You may not like them, but I have some great Logitech keyboards, and as long as you're not using the cheap/oem keyboards you can use their software to disable the windows key, along with remap any special buttons they have like sleep. It was a Logitech which had the drainage holes, great design so that spills didn't get into another layer with the circuitry.

I've also used a program called keytweak which I'm not sure where to get anymore, and done things like remap the caps lock to left shift. I did it to my father without his permission after I kept getting things in all caps.
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