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Folcroft, PA

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[TiVo] Tivo Premiere problems - Folcroft, PA

Does anyone know if there is a way to check the hard drive on the RCN Tivo Premiere. Up until last week, it was working fine. Now it seems like the hard drive may be going. When I go to anything (guide, Tivo menu, etc), it takes a bit of time to load. Shows are technically recording but I can't watch them. They'll start to play and then it will freeze and then skip a lot of time. It seems that all of my shows tonight recorded partially (missing the last few minutes) and when I tried to watch Family Guy, it just stopped right in the beginning, sputtered and then eventually acted like the show was over asking me to delete or keep.

I know the update happened this week, could that have something to do with it? We have 2 Tivo's and only one has any issues that I am aware of. I feel like I'm going to have to get a replacement box.


Phoenix, AZ
·Cox HSI

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TiVo Kickstart Codes


1. Restart the box and the green light comes on.

2. The green, and amber lights begin to flicker. Quickly press and release the PAUSE button on the remote.

3. Press the one or two digits of the kickstart code from the list below on the remote control. (You will have approximately 10 seconds to do this.) If this was done successfully, the blue light will come on.

TiVo Kickstart 54 - Hard Drive Test
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Folcroft, PA
Thanks. I had RCN come out last week and they replaced the box and everything has been mostly fine since. However, I can't, for some reason, setup any season passes for pay channel shows (HBO, Showtime). Going to try a reboot.