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[DSL] disconnected constantly

I am almost 100% sure, someone using the same phone line from Bell is sucking or squeezing my internet signal.
On Feb 10, Sunday, in the morning around 8am, I turned on my modem trying to use my internet, the lights were all on, but I could only check web pages for 5 minutes, then it disconnected, but the lights were still on. So I turned off the modem, then turn on again. The same, I could only use 5 minutes, then it disconnected again, and the lights on modem were still on, they were never off. Until the afternoon about 2 pm, my internet got normal as usual. I could use almost the whole afternoon and the early evening. But after 10:30pm, it happened again. I could only use for 5 minutes, then it disconnected again. Those lights on modem were never off, they were on all the time, but I couldn't open any webpage.
This disconnecting situation happens almost every day around 4:30pm to 8pm on weekdays, sometimes around 10 or 11pm. And it happens more often on the weekends, sometimes I couldn't access the internet the whole day on weekends. But before, I could tell the internet was off, when the lights(DSL, Internet) on modem were off. Now , the lights are still on, but suddenly I can't access to internet. This is a very sever situation. My work relies on internet, if you can't provide steady internet service and I can't access the internet as I want, I will have to change my internet provider.

Hi There,

I'm sorry to hear about this. If you message us in the direct forum with your account information I can pull your line stats to see what's going on on the line. Hopefully we can get this resolved for you soon.




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Toronto, ON
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reply to TSILiz
Sigh... after "fixed", my internet was smooth, fast and no problem for a week. However, after the long weekend, my internet back to the same problem. It disconnected at 5pm but the DSL, Internet lights were still on. I tried to turn off and on my modem, tried to reconnect the internet. I only last few minutes, then disconnected again. Even typing this letter, took me 3 times disconnection to finish it. I really had enough.... I gave up.


Toronto, ON
if you dont mind me asking, what did they do to "fix" your problem? I'm sorta going through a similar situation where my DSL connection drops randomly constantly... Haven't really noticed during what part of the day though.