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Denver, CO

Belkin N900 Router can't see HP Laser Jet IP address

Welcome to the nightmare of the Belkin N9000 Router. Will be replacing it this summer.
The HP LaserJet 400 has a IP address that can be pinged from any PC on the network.
But, the Belkin N9000 DHCP client list shows all devices except the HP LaserJet 400.

What does this effect? Well, the HP LaserJet 400 Scan to network doesn't work. For example:
On any computer, add a network folder:
Or: \\BELKIN\FreeAgent_GoFlex_Drive(A1) if you prefer the local Domain Name
No problem - see the Seagate GoFlex drive plugged into the Belkin N9000 Router.
Problem: HP Scan to Network -
The same link using the HP N900 Link to Network is REJECTED.

There are hundreds of pleas to HP and Seagate GoFlex that are unanswerd.
Nobody know why.

Don't expect HP, Belkin, or Seagate to figure out any of this.
If anyone has any suggestions, it would be welcome.

(yes, the subnet are the same on all devices LAN)


Denver, CO
On the console of the HP LaserJet (not its LAN web page) set IP to manual, then back to Automatic. Now the Belkin router list the HP Laser jet's IP address.

However, the Scan to network drive still doesn't work.