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[Internet] Does bell own and or Cipherkey Exchange

My friend really doesn't understand how the internet works much but he had just had it with telus and shaw robbing his hard earned money and constantly dumping him as a customer.

So my good friend left his service with shaw and moved to It seems when he looked at his internet his ip goes to which is a cipherkey ip.

All of this seems a bit suspicious as well to me.

Does bell own this company?

I thought bell owned this company judging by the infastructrue peering which is 90% bell architechture which goes to bell toronto and bell seattle savvis switchs to go outside BC.

Now it would seem to me that bandwidth provisioning is just throttling him and making up BS excuses on the bandwidth line as it suppose to be " UP TO 6 MBS " but he never gets over 2 MBS.

He said it was a nightmare to set up too , expensive as hell too the bandwidth is 50% less than Telus DSL in the area and he has to spend another 10 bucks a month for static IP just so they dont irritate him by rotating ips every 8 hours.

1 year in prison.

I dont know who it is myself but its criminal what he has to put up with in this area and has been dumped by shaw in the past quoting some reason that evades him. A email? Seriously some child provisioning shaw out of some third world with a poor concept of english banning shaw clients?

Wow I guess thats the way it is.

So my question is does my freind own the ISP because he seems to think its the only thing keeping a company with domestic ownership.

he also thinks they should rename it SHAW JAPAN. and Shaw Italy and Shaw United Emarites but thats my friend hes a bit weird that way.

So if I am only 99% accurate can you tell me what I missed?

Oh yeah and when will you stop making excuses and fire whoever thinks there doing anything without the back pressure my friend is using since there own dns servers litterally dont work and he is mixing the root server list.

That is all.

Comments? appologies? Inquiries? Legal Action?

Any input at all would help since the dns admin doesn't seem to have a clue and I am sick of seeing the ARIN servers clearly my friend is doing everything.


Re: [Internet] Does bell own and or Cipherkey Exch

You would think someone would of fielded this.