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Richmond, VA

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reply to leibold

Re: Another clogged drain thread: Bathtub drain clogged

I'm afraid to use lye anymore. Last time I used it it cracked the trap under my bathroom sink using warm water. The trap got so hot you couldn't touch it. No big deal in that case, but if the clog is in your walls or between floors, that's the point where the extreme heat builds up. I would guess cast iron could crack just as easily.


Farmington, MI

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Ever use a cast iron skillet?

It would take a lot more heat than anything lye could provide to make cast iron flinch.

said by leibold:

I compared crystal drano "professional strength" and insta-flo and while the active ingredient appears to be the same, the usage instructions differ between cold water (drano) and hot water (insta-flo).

When I bought the insta-flo the cashier at the hardware store warned me not to use hot water, only warm water.

For those that recommended insta-flo and have successfully used it, what water temperature did you use ?
In case it maters, my drain is cast iron (to the best of my knowledge the entire stretch from shower drain to city sewer).

I used near-boiling hot water right out of a kettle. Don't worry about the cast iron plumbing. I doubt the pipe even got noticlbly warm to the touch since they dissipate heat so quickly.