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Re: The New Wireless Code Hearings. Live Stream @ 9-am

BTW, Did anyone else catch the part where the CCTS stated they want the ability to do "class action" type complaints?

They are really setting the stage to do away with any and all consumer protection laws, and to stop court action and class actions against the big telco's.

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Whats a contract??? We don't know.
I was looking over the Telus presentation and the CCTS presentation.

The CCTS states, "they don't know what a contract is".

Telus states a contract is only the terms and conditions.

So for example, let's say you buy a 10-meg service with 5-gigs per month.

Telus's terms of service doesn't state/define how much usage you will get (nor the speed for that matter).

So when you see a big flashy ad on TV, billboard, bus, or newspaper touting the massive usage and speed for a 3 year contract, they don't want the ad to be part of the contract, just the terms and conditions which doesn't state speed or usage.

Let us make an analogy here:

1. You lease a car
2. It says you are allowed 30,000 KM/year on that 3 year lease.
3. Ford send you a notice that now you can only use 10,000K/year
4. Ford states it doesn't matter what they advertised and sold to you, the terms and conditions don't specify what you will have.
5. So now you are on the hook for more money
6. Ford states you can not break the contract
7. CCTS pretends they don't know what the contract is or was. Or what even defines the contract.

Something seem funny to you? It should. Telus and all the ISP's and wireless carriers are now trying to force the CRTC and the CCTS to change the definition of a contract.

In addition to this new definition that is only applicable to telecom contracts (and in their own world), they have to do away with provincial contractual laws and provincial Consumer Protections in order to fit and apply their new definition of a contract as law in all of Canada.

PIAC is supporting this.
Bell is supporting this.
Rogers is supporting this.
Telus is supporting this.
CWTA is supporting this.
CCTS is playing dumb.
And maybe others...

Quebec did good by walking away from them. And now we know why they did walk away. Manitoba and Nova Scotia should be doing similar.

CCTS Submission to the CRTC asking what a contract is:

Contract What exactly is the contract?

Is it the Terms of Service? Does it include any documentation provided to the customer by the WSP related to their subscription? Does it include relevant WSP policies? This is particularly important in light of the number of Code provisions that reference the term, particularly the sections (such as D2) that relate to the right of WSPs to make changes to the “contracts” and the rights of consumers when this occurs.

BTW, if we review the Telus forum, they are trying to pull this on their customers right now.

Can anyone say, "Abuse"?


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Rick Mercer on Telus

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Mercer is extremely funny, but uses that comedy to make a good point.


Toronto, ON
reply to LastDon
said by LastDon:

Rick Mercer on Telus

Simply superb and to the point!

reply to LastDon
said by LastDon:

Rick Mercer on Telus

Yeah, saw it when they stated that.

Good on Mercer.

And then you have dummies of open media practically praising them and calling the the best out of all the telco's and "less evil" the other day.

Shows what a telco gains by meeting with them, as what happened.

Telus, during the hearings, was the worse out of the whole lot of them (next to PIAC).


Oshawa, ON
Rofl, I would love to buy myself a copy of that plaque.. i might have to make some calls p:)
Every time Someone leaves Sympatico an Angel gets its wings.

North York, ON
reply to hm
Go easy on OpenMedia.. They had no idea what Telus was going to say..
-- Tech Support MVP

said by resa1983:

Go easy on OpenMedia.. They had no idea what Telus was going to say..

They sat there and listened to it. Then regurgitated it to the web under their banner w/o even knowing what it was they were saying, or what telus said for that matter. They didn't bother nor want to know. Just praise for telus for no reason.


Etobicoke, ON
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It's already proven that the N4 is being sold at a discount in the Play Store. Outside Play, it's the same $550 anywhere else.