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Re: The 4 most likely reasons you were hacked

Face it, except for those on this forum who work in IT, the average user finds most of this stuff to be overwhelming. They have grown up with the concept that you "set it once and forget it". It takes care of itself.

Thirty years ago when I visited most friend's houses, the clock on their VCR was blinking because they either couldn't figure out how to set it or couldn't be bothered. So if that simple procedure was too much for friends with advanced degrees, just how do you think you can interest the general population when the problems change every day?

I can hear them now:

First you told me that e-commerce is secure when that little lock appears (SSL padlock icon).

Then you told me that banks use even greater security protocols.

Then you told me that security certificates prove that a website is genuine.

If they can hack the top company and top government websites with impunity, steal security certificates, and so on, why should I worry about them hacking me?

Every day you tell me aabout some new risk and procedure. It's never ending. So I'll just resign myself, forget about it and enjoy myself.