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Re: Why is this software dangerous?

Wait a sec. Decrypt my wireless keys? That doesn't sound good. What does that mean exactly?

I was under the impression that the only thing this program does is to search your area for wireless networks that are in your area and displays them to you.

This is pretty much exactly what the tool that comes with every wireless NIC does; it shows you wifi networks in your area that you can connect to.
The only reason that I like the one from NirSoft is that it is more thorough and shows more information such as channels.


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Your impression is correct .
NirSoft does have other utilities that do " decrypt " passwords , but this one does not.

Just to throw out another thought about why a lot of anti-virus companies flag his utilities , might it have anything to do with the fact that they make it easy to track just what the programs are doing ?
Na that couldn't have anything to do with it , all anti-virus companies are completely honest and above board

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reply to Sentinel
Perhaps my memory mis-serves me, but back in the mid-late 90's, I recall Norton AV (which I used back then) for a time flagging any product from NirSoft simply because NirSoft also made a couple of password-retrieval programs. At the time, I had a couple of different NirSoft file tools on my Win95 system that kept tossing Norton alerts, and in digging into it, I vaguely recall that being the explanation. In any case, for reasons like that and others, NirSoft has been at odds with AV houses since the dawn of time, because of the nature and capabilities of some of their tools. Those tools might under some kinds of circumstances allow deeper system exploitation by a hacker... just as obtaining admin access would allow a hacker to do things on a system he might not be able to otherwise.
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reply to MrFixit1
Yeah, I definitely see that some of the tools there I don't want, like or need. And I could see how having them on your system could be a danger if you are not aware and sufficiently knowledgeable.

But what was confusing to me was that this particular tool seems totally harmless. All it appears to do is what any built in wifi nic tool does, only better and more thorough. So I could not for the life of me see why this particular tool was being flagged as being even simply potentially unwanted. I just don't see how it can be used maliciously any more than your standard wifi searching tool that comes with your NIC.

So I thought that this tool must have some other use that I am unaware of or the tool itself must be infected with some other hidden software that does something else.
However it is becoming increasingly clear to me by what many have stated here, that it looks as though this tool is only being flagged because the manufacturer of this tool has other tools which could be harmful. That seems kind of inaccurate to me.