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Metairie, LA
·Cox HSI
·AT&T Southeast
reply to Bill Neilson

Re: [LA] Cox LA Network Upgrades Soon?

I've found that AT&T and Cox are both hit-and-miss in this area. If one doesn't work well at your particular location, call the other guys.

Most of my friends call me when their "internet is broken." I get calls from both AT&T and Cox users. The one thing I've seen from both companies is that when the issue is one that is not easily solved, it is usually never solved.

Cox never seems to fix problems with the plant or problems with upstream noise in the plant. If they can't get you straightened up by the 5th truck roll, your only fix is AT&T.

AT&T seems to have stopped their Uverse deployment around here. If it didn't come down your street, you're stuck with plain old DSL. AT&T will sell you DSL at the higher rates even when you're pretty close to being too far away. You usually end up downgrading speeds to get stability as a possible fix. In that case, your only fix is Cox.

Cox is doing some work in New Orleans to increase network speeds. At work, they recently increased the upload speed from about 2 Mbps to 16 Mpbs. Hopefully, increases in the download speed will come soon.

Cox's business prices are really insane: $260 a month for 13 down / 3 up.


New Orleans, LA
I'm seeing the same thing - looks like I'm bonding 3 channels upstream now: »

I'm not seeing better upload speeds however: » ··· 8767.png

New Orleans, LA
I'm bonding 3 up and 8 down now. Previously it was 4 down and 1 up. Must have happened in the last couple of days.

Of course now I'm having television problems on both of my boxes, LOL.


Good Stuff! From Baton Rouge, 70808: » ··· 8732.png