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Cobourg, ON

Entry-level Positions as Rigger/Climber in Southern Ontario

Hi everyone, Im new to the forum, and I am new to the Telecom industry. My background is in Construction, and for the last 3 years as a climbing arborist. I am looking for a career change, something requiring more technical/mechanical aptitude, but with the same physical nature of my current position. Does anyone have any advice on how to break in to the Telecom industry as a climber? Any advice on training courses I could take or people in industry to contact? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Strange Data

See if there is a local CLEC hiring for a light duty lineman. Also check the local Telecom workers union »cep.ca/en

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If you've got any background in rigging, there's a lot of cellular builds going on; and they are always looking for guys to go up the towers... Companies like Westower, Canadian Network Installations and Alta Telecom would be good places to start, although there's tons...

For outside plant construction (poles and holes... LOL) - start with ExperCon or Expertech... Great job in May - kinda sucks in February and August, depending on how you feel about cold, and heat respectively.

Very few CLEC's have their own line crews - most sub it out... Even a lot of ILEC's are downsizing their outside crews and contracting more out...