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reply to SpAnubis

Re: DSL/Router-Modem connectivity issues.

said by SpAnubis :

I conducted more research on the Actiontec router, there's no on demand release for the public ip address.

The manual shows a on demand connect/disconnect button for the public ip address

said by SpAnubis :

There's a timed release in seconds, however it will not release and renew the public ip address.

This timed release is for the lan dhcp server only.
The modem has a lan dhcp server and a wan dhcp client.


Surprised, I overlooked this! Thank you for all your help. I disconnected the public ip address from the Actiontec router, and connected the TP-Link, following instructions their tech support offered. The TP-Link is working, I'm able to connect via lan and wireless with internet connectivity. The connection isn't dropping, so all good for now.

I did notice the TP-link TD-W8960N doesn't have a on-demand release button within the web gui, just wanted to cover all my bases. In the instance, I had to disconnect the public IP address through the TP-link.

Thank you for all your help! It was much appreicated.