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Re: [motherboard] upgrading to a new motherboard

Most mainstream motherboards offer at least one PCIe 3.0 slot operating at 16 lanes, and then will include either a second/third 3.0 slot, or 2.0 slots.

Just read the product description on Newegg and it will explain how slots of what are offered. PCI is usually forwards and backwards compatible.

That said, can you give us more details, such as specific boards you are looking at, which will help us determine which socket type you are considering, and what your needs are (do you have just a graphics card, or want to include sound card / raid card / wireless card/etc?).
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Waupaca, WI
I have a fic amd motherboard which is my 3nd amd one i had. The 2nd one Got damage when i was cleaning and pull on the heat sink and the cpu came with it and bent a couple of pins. The computer Case from systemax i had since i first got it in 2000. I rebuilt it 2009. Before that i went through hard upgrades for more storage space and sound card in and 4 port usb card in too. I went To tiger direct site and look around there and look around at motherboards and motherboard combs which i also like too, since i use to get their catalogs from them.

I look at newegg web site a little but did not go deeper in the searches. Now i want to use one of the 3 main motherboard brands like Asus, Gigabyte, and msi. I look at the manufactures web sites too and look there off and on. I was look at the amd motherboards on newegg and saw on one of them like for example for newegg GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard, It has the 2 pci e 16x slots (x16, x4) Dump question since i should know more about computers since i went to a tech college for a 1 year and half to learn about computers and networking side of it. What does this mean x16, x4? does it mean I can use a x16 graphic card or a pci e card x4?

I know i am sort leaning towards amd side of things since That what i been using since I first got my computer in beginning of 2000.



Regina, SK
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Good solid board from a reliable maker.

the x16 slot can be used for almost anything that can use PCI-Express but is generally used for video cards. The x16 means it has 16 'lanes' of bandwidth to share and x4 means 4 lanes. The internal protocol used in PCI-E is much like the internet, it can be used to carry almost any type of data.

As you say you are new to this whole PCI-E thing, I would suggest you not worry too much about the details and suffice it to say the magic works here. Plug something in and it should Just Work.

You wrote that your old board has a Socket 754 onboard. A smile to my heart for that. I still have the last one I had, was using for a server, which retired after the NIC died. The successor sockets, (AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+) have all been quite fine and are reasonably backward and forward compatible, simply the differences being mostly memory related. My server is loaded on an ancient ASUS M2A-VM socket AM2 running 4GB DDR2 with an Athlon II 255.

ASUS released a BIOS update in 2010 which allowed some of the AM3 CPUs to work in this board. I love this type of support.

BTW the board specs are here:


This aside, you could go real cheap and get a nice Athlon II X2, X3 or X4 and a middle of the road card like a Radeon 7750 throw them into your board with a 2x2GB kit of cheap RAM and have your hair blown back. With the same board you could plonk down $500 or more get a monster video card and a FX8350 with some faster RAM and have an even faster system. I do remember my 754 box and yes it was pokey.

The FM2 socket systems are not quite as fast as the AM3+ but the bang for buck is very good, especially if you don't need a video card.


Waupaca, WI
Thanks For the info. I was not sure. I saw from and where some motherboards have 2 or more pci 16x slots. I am not too big in gaming part. I like watching movies and other videos too. I am still using windows xp 32 bit. I want to use little bit more then 8 gb of memory but i know that is for 64 bit not sure if it will work with 32 bit but hell 16 gb ddr 3 will work with 32 bit and 64bit OS. I did go to school to learn about my computers and networking and att feild techs sure love how i know about telecomm and cable comm.