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New York, NY
·Time Warner Cable

[TWC] Time Warner Bulk Rate package / 2 rate reductions

I just want to share my two recent rate reduction experience with Time Warner.

Some relevant information about me. I live in zip code 10016 (Murray Hills, Manhattan, NY). My residence is a 14 story tall 100+ units apartment building.

My first rate reduction came around June of 2012. My apartment had a bulk rate with Time Warner for $101 (jan 2012) including all the fees. The package consisted of standard Internet (10 mbps last year) and standard cable. Between my cable bill and paying my parents' utility bills, I needed a bit of relief. I called TWC, and tried to negotiate a lower rate. I told them if they can reduce by $10, I would stay on or I am canceling the tv portion. Surprisingly, TWC refused my proposal. I canceled my TV portion and kept the Internet. I told the phone rep I would return the set top box (stb) at the Time Warner store that's 10 minutes walk from my apartment. Within 24 hours, I got a call from TWC "retention department" who surprisingly offered me a new rate of $72 ($75 after all the fees) with std internet, tv cable plus DVR. He sent a technician out within 5 hours (ON THE SAME DAY) to swap out my regular cable box with a DVR box!! The rate is effective for 24 months. No contract.

Last month, I received a letter from my apartment management firm that Time Warner has reduced our apartment bulk rate double play package from $101 to $64.95 plus fees. The $64.95 + fees package consists of turbo internet (20mbps), modem fee waived, std tv. It was a no brainer. I called up TWC, switched to the bulk rate price. Trekked over to Time Warner store, swapped in that crummy DVR box (I've recorded probably a grand total of 4 shows for 6 months - so don't really need dvr) for a brand new STB (Samsung SMT-H3362 HD). This bulk rate is effective for 12 months.

Time Warner has been losing many TV subscribers. In NYC, FIOS is "stealing" their customers. I switched my parents to FIOS at end of last year, and their bill is now $30/month lower. My sister has switched to FIOS as well. Given the current economy, TWC seems very willing to negotiate.


Fremont, OH
Actually if you look at the numbers TWC's count is DOWN and losing customers. Telco TV is actually adding customers, especially since MSOs- TWC won't compete on price anymore.


Cincinnati, OH

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Good Deal

good deal