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Re: [HD] Loud commercials on HD channels- INSERTION

I just filed a complaint with the FCC over one of these commercials (FWIW -- Wayne Tile that's airing in NJ).

Since I work as an audio engineer I was able to attach a file to my complaint showing that the volume of the ad was more than 15dB higher than the adjacent programming content, a blatant violation of the CALM act.

You don't need to attach a file as long as you can document the name of the advertiser, channel, time and date. Go here and start by checking "Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues", then "Loud Commercials":


On the form, leave question #2 blank and complete question #3, because your complaint will be with Verizon FiOS TV, not the originating broadcaster itself.


Richmond, VA
If as some have suggested Verizon doesn't care AND we seem to be having problems with multiple local offices what does it really take to get the FCC to DO ANYTHING? I get the impression that complaints are taken and put in File 13 automatically! Anyone know of a "group" that is trying to wake the FCC up to their responsibilities? (Right now I know one place the government can save money... de-fund the FCC offices that shuffle paper. I've registered MULTIPLE complaints - 8 this AM alone and have a good idea what will result...


Since the CALM act is a new initiative, and there are those in Congress who want to see the results of their efforts (as in Chuck Schumer), I think the FCC will soon pick at least one offender to impose a fine on to set an example.

It probably doesn't matter whether it's Verizon or another provider since the news will make the rounds throughout the cable industry and get the attention of upper managers. Only at that point will we likely see any action from the providers on this.

That's why I still think it's worth documenting the offenses and filing complaints with the FCC.


Township Of Washington, NJ
That super loud Wayne Tile ad just aired on FNC Ch618 at 8:49pm.


Richmond, VA
reply to Carnivore
FYI- after multiple complaints filed... someone from the FCC called today.. They asked for specifics. I gave them specifics AND technical specifics. They seemed to appreciate that it wasn't someone who just thought they sounded loud. We discussed the issue and they are going to look into it. I mentioned that others were having issues who are FIOS customers. Load them with complaints and they will get proactive. BTW, I used a form fill program to put in some of the repetitive info like name and address. Do the same and the process is a bit less uncomfortable. I also told them that FIOS seems to know the problem but has chosen to hope we go away... So send in your complaints to the FCC.