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New York, NY
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Satch

Re: [TWC] Time Warner Price Increase March 2013

said by Satch:

I would like to see TWC offer the kinds of deals that they give new customers to customers who have been with them for a decade or more. I've been with TWC for about twenty-five years. The Retention Discounts are good, but they aren't great, and people who have shown loyalty and patronage to TWC, should get the kind of deals offered to new customers

I've come to learn that TWC, DirecTV do not have loyalty. I've dealt with both. Only in the face of "ACTUAL" canceling would they be willing to negotiate or offer a new price. TWC lowered my price by almost $25/month and added DVR service last year after I canceled the TV portion. When I first called to cancel, they wouldn't even give me $10 discount. Retention called 24 hours after I made the request cancellation to offer me $25 discount. I've had account with TWC here for about 4 years.

My parents had DirecTV, I was paying their bill. I complained to DirecTV that the bill was too high. They were nice enough to knock $10 lower. However, it was still too high for my taste. I asked for a steeper discount, but no go. Two months later, FIOS came to my parents neighborhood. When I submited a request to shut off DirecTV, they were willing to give me the new customer discount. I told them, sorry, I've already signed up with FIOS. My parents were with DirecTV for 4 years.