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Des Plaines, IL
reply to cypherstream

Re: New here ... can I please get a little comcast DVR advice?

but do they have the bandwidth to give each box it's own GUI?? they don't even have SDV or channels in mpeg4 (other then 3d?) and the SDV systems and mpeg4 systems have all of the game HD and team HD channels as well alot more of the HBO, STARz, MAX and SHOW HD.

Satellite still has better multi room, push VOD, better channels maps, out of market sports with most games with dual HD feeds (having all the of team and game channels will not get you that).

All of the big ten HD over flows (still missing on comcast)


Springfield, IL
reply to cypherstream
said by cypherstream:

I think the future is all cloud powered apps. That way it wouldn't slow the box down.

Maybe...& in what century WILL CC get this to the "masses"??? (as opposed to a couple of "test markets" )

High performance streaming technology like OnLive or RemoteFX. Server farms can do the heavy lifting while the STB just really presents the video and I/O back and forth.

Again, I am still NOT convinced THAT many subs give a flying f*&k about all these "apps" & "streaming" nonsense. Subs that really DO want a proper experience with these, have already got (better) equipment to do this. CC & all other cable (AND both sat) providers REALLY need to get back to improving the basic TV experience & quit worrying about the "apps" crap!

Such an edge that architecturally Satellite wouldn't be able to compete without requiring high speed broadband connection.

Of course you knew that by posting this, this WAS going to prompt our weekly DirecTV commercial babble from Joe...