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Re: Confused on installing Moca bridge with Westell 9100em

I have never connected the secondary router to the coax cable, as I'm trying to follow the steps.

It is simply plugged in and connected to one of my pcs via ethernet cable. There are three green lights on the front of the secondary: power, lan, and wireless.

I have done the factory reset on the secondary router.

I connected it to my pc via an ethernet cable. All my pcs are wireless enabled. So even though I have it connected via ethernet cable, the pc can connect via the main router.

When I change my internet connection to the secondary router, it cannot connect to the router admin page because I have no internet connection, so I'm unable to make any changes to the secondary router.

When I turn off wireless completely, I turn on the router, connect to my pc, turn on the pc. Then I open Safari, type in the and get unable to load that page message.

More Fiber
West Chester, PA
Only suggestion I can make at this point is the following:
•Make sure wireless is disabled on your PC.
•Release the WAN DHCP lease on the primary.
•Immediately turn off the primary.
•Connect the secondary to the coax.
•Let the secondary acquire a WAN DHCP lease. You should then be able to login to the secondary.
•Make the config changes to the secondary
•Before disabling the Broadband (coax) interface on the secondary, release the secondary's WAN DHCP lease.
•Immediately disable the secondary's Broadband (coax) interface.
•At this point you should be able to reconnect the primary router.

I can't test this, so you may have to experiment.

If this doesn't work, I'd suggest giving up on the Westell and picking up an Actiontec off Ebay.
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