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FTTN or Fiber to the node

Fiber To The Node:

I'd like to know where they hook up the copper to the fiber -- for example is it somewhere on the pole? What might they do -- how can I spot the place closest to me where the copper will become fiber? In reality there's no guarantee they will use the closest point to my house, but If any one here can give clues on how to spot the Fiber Nodes, please advise.


Oakville, ON
The DSLAMS are often attached to or on concrete pedestals near the JWIs; these are the wide brown boxes where the punchdown blocks are for the telephone service. In the photo in this post: (»[Internet] Second Remote DSLAMS installed on the JWI) you can see there is one DSLAM on each side of the JWI, the older one being on the left.

Contrary to your statement, they don't have an option of whether or not to use the closest point to your house; they can't arbitrarily change which JWI your telephone line is terminated at.


Thanks for the info and pics .... I'll be on the lookout...In fact there is a punchdown block (brown box featured in the pic) just up the street, and the CO blgd is another .5klm away in a pretty straight line.

What I'm concerned about is right now my upload speed is not what It once was, like down to 768 from 1024 --- maybe nothing to worry about -- I don't know -- but the isp support people have always said that the uplink is pretty maxed out.