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Caveat Emptor
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reply to jk

Re: New monitor advice.

said by jk:

An IPS monitor would not be my first chose for gaming.

PROS: Wide viewing angle without darkening
Brighter more accurate colors. They are great for
viewing static images requiring color accuracy,
like photo editing.

CONS: slower response times, resulting in motion blur
Not so good for gaming or video.

Dell makes some really nice IPS monitors like the one you’re looking at,
but its gray-to-gray response time of about 7ms is to slow.

A good gaming monitor should have a gray-to-gray response time of about 2ms.
Asus makes some good ones, »www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ··· 24236117.

I'm currently using an Asus 27", »www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ··· 24236103
With a little tweaking it produces a very good and astonishingly bright picture.

I use the Auria 27" IPS for gaming @ 1440p and have no complaints whatsoever.
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