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reply to rody_44

Re: [NCAA-F] Paterno family; ex Gov; FBI experts dispute Freeh R

said by rody_44:

As detailed in my report, the emails and contemporary documents from 2001 show that, despite Mr. Paterno’s knowledge and McQueary’s observations, four of the most powerful officials at Penn State agreed not to report Sandusky’s activity to public officials,” Freeh said in a statement issued through his website,
Hard to not see what went on no matter how the Paterno family wants to spin it. My statement wasnt directed at anyone it was just to point out only penn state alumni would even try to defend anything about it. Personally i hope everyone that knew about it and did nothing rots in hell.

You're so far off base. You quote Freeh's unsubstantiated and partial info quotes that have since been thoroughly and specifically rebutted regarding what Paterno did, when he did it, and what he didn't do, most of which Freeh got wrong as as been directly corrected.

You are out of touch.
The signal is usually drowned out by the noise.

Quakertown, PA
Mcqueary went to Joe Paterno back in 2001 thats not contested and really never has been. That one sentence and fact is enough in my book.



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said by rody_44:

Mcqueary went to Joe Paterno back in 2001 thats not contested and really never has been. That one sentence and fact is enough in my book.

What is highly debateable is what exactly did he say to Paterno, his father, Dranov, Curley and Schultz. Five people heard the story. One is a Doctor and a mandated reporter. He did not report anything. McQueary admitted giving Paterno a watered down report of what he witnessed.

Despite that, Paterno did report the informationas he should. He admitted he diod not know how to handle the situation. People who cover-up things do not tell others.

Ever hear of Richard Jewell? Yeah, the allegations against him were pretty 'reasonable to conclude' as well, weren't they? OH, and didn't the FIFA group enjoy Louie Freeh's Ethics Investigation report? Yep, So much so that they deep-sixed it.


Oakland, CA

The clearest evidence of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno's understanding of a child-sex abuse allegation against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky does not appear anywhere in the 238-page report released Sunday by a panel of experts enlisted in his family's burgeoning campaign to restore his legacy.

The inclusion of Paterno's admission to a grand jury in January 2011 that he understood a witness had seen Sandusky engaging in activity of a "sexual nature" with a young boy would have run counter to the experts' portrayal of Paterno as a naïve grandfather who had little understanding of sexual abuse between men and boys.

In its place, a former FBI profiler hired by the Paterno team offered an analysis that excused the former coach's lack of immediate action as the byproduct of a preconceived notion of Sandusky's character and poor communication from the witness, former graduate assistant Mike McQueary.


"watered down"? According to the Paterno hired gun mouthpiece, maybe.