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An Awesome Dude

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reply to Dude111


Yes its also the different type remember bud!

64K WMA sounds better than 64k MP3

But yes 1.FMs 128k MP3 stream sounds excellent!!


It seems to have stopped cutting in and out for the time being,i just jumped onto WPDH's stream and right now its sounding good.... (All day today it was cutting in and out every 5 seconds (I emailed someone there about it))

This is the first today i have been able to listen to it! (W/o it cutting in and out) -- Now if the level was brought up slightly (Like the internet ads are loud) it would be better!

Maybe i care too much,i dunno....... (Someone has to though,if there were more ppl like me,THE WORLD MIGHT BE A BETTER PLACE)

said by Xioden :
It's Cumulus Media who is providing that low quality streams in the first place, and this is nothing new. They don't want you listening online since they make more money from local over-the-air ads.
Then why bother streaming at all???

And yes the bad quality on alot of stations started with the merge with IHEART RADIO (48k MP3) -- WPDH used to be 64k WMA and they sounded excellent!!!! (Good level,etc)

Monticello, NY
The MP3 codec doesn't work particularly well with lower bitrates. It also will vary greatly depending on the settings used to encode it. A 192kbps variable bitrate track can sound better and be smaller than a 128kbps bitrate track depending on the source material.

The 3 stations you listed in the original post, WPDH and WZZO both are using MPEG AAC (mp4a), while the FM Rock (at 128kbps) is using MP3.