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Rochester, NY
reply to jamesonnorth

Re: Frontier stops upgrades!

Can you tell us more who told you the March timeline for upgrades and where did you hear now that this is not just delayed but will not happen at all.


Modoc, IN
I heard from three different customer service agents that I should expect to see upgrades in March, and the tech was an actual Frontier on-site tech. If I still see the upgrades, it might be the tech who told my friend was only referring to one particular area. We won't know for sure until March or April.

My two DSL lines are maxed out--they're right about 8000/850 each but any higher at all and they're very unstable. I'm close enough to my CO to support 16mbit on one DSL line, so I know it's an issue with the CO at its limits. If I can upgrade to a 12mbit package on one or both of my lines, I know Frontier has done an upgrade or two.

I REALLY hope this tech was wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if Frontier is trying to ditch some of their lines, because they inherited a huge mess from Verizon.

AT&T knows they can't maintain their aging copper infrastructure, and Frontier knows they can't maintain or upgrade theirs. Unlike AT&T, Frontier doesn't have the cash to do a large U-Verse FTTN type deployment or even more expensive, a large FiOS deployment, so if this tech was right, Frontier will likely be looking to sell less profitable markets. To who, I have no idea.
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