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Wave Support says 80% speed is all they have to provide?

Again and again the support people when confronted with line speed issues keep saying that Wave only has to provide 80% of advertised speed.
I've checked the customer agreement contracts and the Bandwidth Limitations and neither remotely say any such thing and neither drops any numbers, they both say that sometimes it can be up or down due to other problems.
Mine will be down by fully 1/3 of advertised for months at a time so if such is the case I feel it fair to only pay them what they deserve less 1/3.

Anyone else running into this 80% from WAVE Support?

Port Orchard, WA
You're never going to be promised verbally, or in writing, 100% of the advertised "up to" speed.

You can see what I went through back in 2010 here: »[WA] 10%+ Packet Loss in Kitsap

This problem is no where near as bad, but it's still up there. The other night I actually used my AT&T "4G" (not LTE, but somehow they get to market it that way) cell connection for media since the Wave connection was so bad.
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What area are you in groingo?

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I wish we would get 10% these days during swing shift. Guess we get to look at DSL here. @nd time this week we all got sent home early due to Wave.