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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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reply to Darknessfall

Re: [Connectivity] Dropping connections, several tech visits, no

said by Darknessfall:

said by IowaCowboy:

I actually decided to go back to purchased modems (I own an Arris TM 722G and a Motorola SBG6120 in the D3 category and a handful of D2s and a D1s) and I put the Motorola in the bedroom next to the router and the Arris in the basement where the phone comes in. I may actually buy a Motorola SBG6141 but I am not sure if I should.

The reason I was experimenting with rented equipment is for troubleshooting but I did some rewiring (on my side of the demarc). I rewired the line to the living room and I put all new fittings on the customer side (I used the T&B Snap N Seal fittings). Some of the fittings were "sucked out", which can cause problems.

Everything seems to be working, for now. I have both modems on the first three way splitter then a MoCA trap going to the second three way splitter going to the three TVs. The MoCA trap is for the AnyRoom DVR.

Well that's good then. Post back if your issues occur again.

Do you think it would be a good idea to upgrade to the 6141 or should the 6120 work just as good.
I've experienced ImOn (when they were McLeod USA), Mediacom, Comcast, and Time Warner. They are much better than broadcast TV.

I have not and will not cut the cord.