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Bad packetloss and latency (NW Suburbs, IL)

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I have been experiencing really bad packeloss and terrible ping times for the past couple weeks.

I've done gateway restarts and WOW CS has sent "refresher" packets but nothing has helped.

I don't think it is related but my gateway also suffers from the "cannot forward 2 way traffic, video processor reset detected" issue.

I guess I could call CS again but I'm guessing that would just result in a tech commingle out and I really don't want to waste their time and a weekend day as this doesn't seem to be hardware related.

My own ping tests to Google return ~30% packetloss and smokeping is between 5 and 10 with ~450 ms ping time average.

Here are some screenshots....never mind, I can't maintain a connection long enough to upload.

Naperville, IL
I located your gateway and made a change on our side for an issue I located. I'm not sure if the issue I came across was causing your issue or not, but it's possible. Can you test this again and see if you're still having a problem?