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Re: Confused on installing Moca bridge with Westell 9100em

I really appreciate all the help.

I'd try it again, but it's hit and miss whether the secondary will even connect to I spent a total of 4-1/2 hours today and could only connect twice after I turned off wireless on my PC. Even then, I had to reset to factory settings in order to do so each time. I continually got the message the page could not be found.

The two times I was able to connect, I changed the IP to and disabled DHCP. Clicked apply and then clicked ok on the next page. The router never rebooted, and the page timed out for taking so long, so no changes took effect. I don't know if I just have a bad router or what. After I click on OK, do I immediately try to connect to or do I need the router to reboot first, because that isn't happening.

Is an Actiontec that much easier to set up?

I think I'm just going to go buy 100' of CAT 5, connect it to my original Westell, drill a hole in the wall, and take the wire under the house, and then up and out through the garage.

Hopefully it won't be too hard to set up a second wireless router on the opposite end.

Lakeland, FL
·Verizon FiOS
said by tntpointer:

After I click on OK, do I immediately try to connect to or do I need the router to reboot first, because that isn't happening.

There really isn't a need to reconnect, as once the IP has changed you can turn back on the primary router as the Westell will no longer conflict, just make sure you have disabled the WAN COAX port. You can if you want simply direct the browser to the address

The reason you have to disable wireless is your PC will try and connect that way as I assume thats your connection to the Actiontech.

Its literally a 1 minute setup for the Westel, I think you having wireless enabled was what was causing most of your issues

So here is my list

1) turn you wireless off on the PC/Laptop your using for this setup
2) Configure your PC to static IP of for the Ethernet port
3) connect Westel via Ethernet using IP
4) Configure Westel to

COAX WAN port disabled
Set the IP address to

5) connect Westel via Ethernet using IP

Verify settings

6) Connect Coax, MOCA Bridge should now be working
7) using you should now see the Actiontech
8) using you should see the Westell
9) set you PC/Laptop back to using DHCP
10) PC should pull IP and your done

All the settings are in the screen captures I posted

There is no difference is difficulty in configuring a Westell vs Actiontech. I use to have a Pair of Westells for the MOCA bridge, now I have an Actiontech "G" for my primary and the Westell as the bridge. It was literally plug and play to change from one to the other


I really do appreciate all the assistance, as I really don't want to look at another cable in this room.

I will give it another go. But as I've stated before, the secondary router never reboots after changing the IP, so isn't this a problem?