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Kitchener, ON
reply to Inssomniak

Re: [DSL] Hell Telecom (formerly Bell) + AOHell

said by Inssomniak:

From what you typed, there is not "enough" wrong with the line to not allow the bell login to work. Did she pay her bill?

Noted. Thank you
Yes. According to AOHell (formerly AOL), the account shows that it's all paid.

said by Inssomniak:

Your TSI login worked, so the issue is with bell, and not the line or modem, but something perhaps in the routing of the login, or her account is off? Try her login on your DSL line.

I think you may be on to something there. Her login doesn't seem to work on my line either, so it would seem there could be something wrong with the login. The only question here would be what and why.

said by Inssomniak:

The slow speeds might be line related, post the stats, but this isnt why you cant establish your PPPoE session with Bell.

I should be going back over there to work on it further tomorrow. I will grab the stats when I'm there. Hopefully, this will turn up something of an interesting value. AOHell (formerly AOL) can be quite frustrating to deal with sometimes. At least I can say though that I think the bulk of the frustration that comes with them though is nothing more than a lack of understanding caused by a language barrier, rather than just being unwilling to help.

Just out of curiosity, do you know if there's any way I'd be able to run further tests on the line, or would I need to consult with AOHell or Hell Telecom to be able to have such further testing done?