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Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to nephipower

Re: ClearQAM Channel Listing for TW Dallas

said by nephipower:

Ok, things still aren't clear to me and I'm sorry if it feels like I am a broken record but let me explain things a little more.

I am pretty sure my tv is not an analog tv. Here is the exact model that I have. It is a Samsung 50" Plasma, it has been great for the 3.5 years that I have had it.

»www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001W6 ··· _s01_i00

When I plugged in the coax into my tv I was able to use the channel scan feature built into the tv and it picked up a bunch of channels.

So for channels like ABC, NBC those are digital ClearQAM channels and thus I am able to view them just fine.

However for the ones that say required a digital adapter they display a message that they recently changed and I am not able to view them without an additional device from TWC.

So motorola870 those channels that you called expanded basic channels or the ones that require a DTA does that mean they are encrypted now similar to how channels for TWC "standard" and "digital" tv package are encrypted, ie ESPN, Disney, etc?

these are the channels that need a digital adapter or box in San Antonio no matter what (they are not clear QAM)

40 C-SPAN2 (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
41 ABC Family (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
46 truTV (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
50 Stuf TV (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
51 CMT(Digital Set-Top Box Required)
63 Shop NBC (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
64 Oxygen (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
71 OWN (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
73 CNBC (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
74 LMN (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
75 Golf Channel (Digital Set-Top Box Required)
76 C-SPAN (Digital Set-Top Box Required)

I was saying that the digital adapters pickup channels 2-99 now and also you will get the locals in HD/subchannels on them as well. I was not saying that all of 2-99 is going digital only right now but in a few years they will be. In 2011 TWC tested digital adapters in Maine in Augusta Maine where they went 100% digital and then they had stated 100% digital across the footprint in 5 years so they are starting slowly with the change and we may see some more channels removed from analog this year and next and until around 2016 when the goal is supposed to be reached.

»www.avsforum.com/t/1352511/time- ··· hase-out


San Antonio, TX
So the main reason I am asking all these questions is I am looking to do a setup with getting an HDHomerun Prime that supports Cablecard. This way I can do my own DVR setup with Windows Media Center. Also, so I can switch back and forth between using "basic" and "digital tv" packages that TWC has for TV and still use the same main equipment.

From all the research and reading that I have done a tuning adapter is only required if your providers is using SDV. Since you guys are saying TWC is not using SDV yet in San Antonio.

Therefore according to the information shared here if I am on the basic package and want to view these channels that twc says requires a "(Digital Set-Top Box or Digital Adapter Required)" would a cablecard solve my problem?