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Manchester, GA

I'm a cable cutter, certainly no Unicorn

My wife and I are ~9 months out from cutting and don't miss it. That's money that a traditional "bundle" company will NEVER receive again. Funny, but cutting also meant cutting watching hours too as Hulu, Amazon and Netflix fail to deliver much content that we have interest in watching (we demoed each, pay for none). We can't receive any OTA either, so that's out as well.

I sure as hll don't miss the 20 minutes of forced commercials an hour, and realize now that most of the "content" was trash and I only watched it because I was there, it was there and why go do something else? Gotta LOVE not having biased news shoved down my throat too... funny how you can get a more complete picture with Google News in less time from multiple sources.

I honestly can't think of anything I miss. Our TV is now turned off except for the occasional movie (oh, any my wife uses a 2nd TV in our exercise area for doing exercise videos).

I think the next step will be to ditch the TV completely ~ we will just have to wait and see what happens when our current unit dies.

Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable
Cutting the PayTV cord I can see, but cutting the whole TV seems pretty miserable. We like gathering around the big monitor and watching shows / movies / playing video games.

We re-signed up to Netflix as well. The content and usability are excellent. It doesn't have everything, but there's a lot to watch, no commercials, great interface, and it's inexpensive.

I'm not a sports fan, so that would make dropping PayTV easier for me. Sports are VERY popular though, I think they alone could keep cord cutting from being mainstream.
AT&T U-Hearse - RIP Unlimited Internet 1995-2011
Rethink Billable.


I re-signed up to netflix and love it. And I don't use that term very often around here.

It's easy to access via our sony blu-ray player and clearer than our HD cable service.