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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: [Connectivity] Dropping connections, several tech visits, no

said by IowaCowboy:

said by Darknessfall:

Are you sure the problem is at your modem and not your router? You also mention that you're using wireless. Maybe your router's wireless is failing ? I have no clue to be honest though.

When you are dealing with Apple hardware, a failure is unlikely. Several of my friends use Apple routers and they have had zero issues with them. We're talking a $179 piece of hardware. If it was a cheap router, I would consider that a possible issue but the numbers on the modem suggest that it is either an issue with Comcast or the modem, especially with the high number of uncorrectables on downstream 4. I am kind of hesitant to swap the modem as I have an 8x4 and would end up with a 4x4 but I am probably going to do that to rule out the modem.

2.4 ghz cordless phones can cause issues with routers but my cordless phone set is a newer Panasonic DECT 6.0. The other unit in my duplex is currently vacant. I can also see (through Apple System Profiler) what frequencies that the other routers (with a visible SSID) are broadcasting on so I changed the channel on my router to one that is not used by the other routers in the area.

You can always try to exchange the modem if you wanted but like you said you may get a 4x4. I don't think the modem would change anything though since your modem is probably using channel 4 as it's main channel. I would rule out wireless congestion though since I doubt it would be enough to cause your network to fully stop.

If you decide you want to try another router to see if the issue stops I suggest you buy and try:

You can also return it if the issue is still there.