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I ordered Knology's $74 HDTV, NET 12Mb and Telephone combo. I got no HDTV so I called Knology. The came out and switched a few plugs. I my my bill went up; still no HDTV . I checked my net speed; I had 3 Mb. not the 12 that had been promised. I called Knology again. They replaced the router. Now, the telephone didn't work. Then the whole system went down for two days. My bill went up. I bought a router and pulled their router out. I got Magic Jack (which works fine). My bill went up again. The HDTV unit never worked so I pulled the unit and went to standard cable. My bill went up. Knology explained that my bill went up because I kept changing things. I responded that they never gave me what they had promised and that I only changed because things didn't work. "Tough luck Charley" they snickered. My last bill was over $180 after appx. 7 months service. I fired them.