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Durham, NC

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reply to igeneralzod

Re: This is why I decided not to choose TWC as my new ISP

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igeneralzod is not alone in this. I had a similar experience recently with Chat and phone support. They didn't want to tell the "current" non-promotional price for any of the internet tiers in North Carolina. They have taken that information off their website and apparently are not legally required to post this information for my market. I know this because files a complaint with the NC Attorney General's office which oversees the state cable franchise agreements. TWC responded to my complaint like they are required to do. They sent me the paper copy of the full price sheet of service prices. It's a shame that I had to go this route just to get information about current service prices. Yes the price will go up after a promotional period ends but at lest you know what the prices are now. I'll see if I can scan and post the price list for my market in case it helps others.