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BEWARE Light in the Box

My mom placed an order Jan. 23, 2013 for her Mother of the Brides dress. As a business owner myself, the holidays shouldn't be reason to provide such piss poor customer service but the Light in the Box blamed the holidays as why her dress order wasn't made on time and wouldn't be shipped on time, though nowhere when placing order was this delay warned or stated. I sent emails asking where the dress was with a response coming WEEKS later thus leaving her daily waiting for the mail for the dress worrying if it got lost. This was/is truly unexcusable. The stress my now 75 year old mother is under rushing to find a dress after thinking this one was arriving weeks ago angers me. BEWARE consumers - false advertising - the order wasn't expedited, wasn't even submitted on time because of some excuse of the holidays and it took them 2 weeks to even tell her the dress wasn't coming for another 2 weeks. Not worth the savings because not worth the stress when planning weddings have stress factors in itself.

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You get what you pay for...if you're lucky.

I'm sorry, but I have lost all sympathy for people who get taken by online scams. There is absolutely no excuse these days for not personally vetting a vendor, particularly for a large-dollar purchase. And, I'm not talking about just looking up reviews on the Internet.

As long as people are going to be jackwagons about getting the cheapest price instead of supporting local merchants whom you can see and interact with in person, scams like this will only become more dominant. Not that there aren't problems with locals but at least you can go after them in court to get satisfaction or your money back.

My advice: Tell your mother to cancel the order and follow up with her credit card issuer if the refund is not posted within 5 business days. At least she should get her money back.
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reply to maratom143
can we just have one light in the box thread to discuss their issues? every other day there's a new thread about them.

and thank you DC, you said what I didn't want to
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