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Re: [NCAA-F] Paterno family; ex Gov; FBI experts dispute Freeh R

The world renowned International Law Firm of King & Spaulding was employed to investigate the case of the controversy surrounding Joe Paterno in the context of the Sandusky and Penn State sexual abuse scandal.


IMPO the quality of the investigation and especially the subsequent report are extraordinarily well written. The full written report, its subsections and summaries are some of the finest of its kind I’ve seen. In my 40 years of professional experience I've read tens of thousands such type of reports and presentations too.

Here is a couple of opening paragraphs from the summary for the media:

Former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and a team of other high-level experts have found that the Freeh report commissioned by the Penn State University Board of Trustees in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal is factually wrong, speculative and “fundamentally flawed.”

In a comprehensive analysis released today [Feb. 10, 2013], Thornburgh and former top FBI profiler Jim Clemente, prominent Washington Attorney Wick Sollers and the director of The Johns Hopkins Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit, Dr. Fred Berlin, conclude that the Freeh report was a failure that does not meet the basic requirements of a thorough, objective and fair investigation.

Based on a review of all available evidence, including discussions with attorneys representing Curley, Schultz and Spanier, the experts conclude that the late Penn State Coach Joe Paterno did not attempt to hide any information or hinder or impede any investigation related to the crimes or conduct of former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.
Media Release: »www.paterno.com/Media-Release/De···6gui9GK4

Then there is a larger more detailed but still clearly written and sourced “Overview.”

Overview: »www.paterno.com/Overview/Default···9P-i9GK4

Finally at the website attached to the above two links is a list of the bios of the investigators and contributors to the report. Their credentials and experience is impeccable.

The website format is exceptionally well laid out and easily understood and easy to navigate: www.paterno.com

Lastly on the web site there is link to the PDF full report that is well over two hundred pages.

It would be refreshing to see from those that disagree with the findings of the investigation, evidence and analysis provided by the King & Spaulding report that they offer up a direct rebuttal of the presentation complete with their rebuttal facts, evidence, and expert opinion. And make that a rebuttal of substance and not a cherry picked miniscule partial response!

We all are free to disagree with any and all parts of the report as well as have our own opinion as to the complicity if any of Paterno. However, in light of the above the standard response from the dissenting posters seems to be generally:

“Joe Paterno is guilty as hell and should rot in hell. He’s guilty because I say so.”

The only people that will be convinced by that stand-alone argument are the Kool-Aid drinkers and witch hunters or the members of the "mob." People that have no interest in the difference between evidence and spin.

The signal is usually drowned out by the noise.