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Munday, TX

[Network] Slowness in Munday Texas Area

I was wondering if anyone here has heard about the slowness issue in the Munday Texas Area? I spoke with a WS Rep last night and this morning and all they could say was there is a issue but could not give me a time that this would be repaired. When I spoke with a WS rep this morning she told me that people are running 65% slower then what speed they should be getting. I can’t believe that they can’t provide a ETR for this issue!!


Hico, TX
Welcome to the war.

I'm located about 35 miles from Stephenville, 60 from Waco, and 70 from Fort Worth. My connection is so bad tonight that I've had to type this reply several times now. Connect to Diablo 3, internet drops. Refresh a page, internet drops.

The best information I've gotten so far is that they are installing a new piece of equipment. No ETR yet. My question is... If they couldn't finish the f*ing upgrade, then why the hell did they start unplugging and screwing with the sh*t in the first place?



reply to purplemogul
I too had terrible problems last night. I recently signed up so I thought maybe my speed wasn't as fast as they said it would be. Glad to hear it was just an issue that will be resolved.


Clarendon, TX
reply to purplemogul
Good thing it doesn't take them 3-5 years to install the new equipment, oh wait, it does.