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Sacramento, CA
reply to gar187er

Re: fuzzy picture?

said by gar187er:

said by SpHeRe31459:

That looks like RF interference, that's likely from the cable wire acting as an antenna and picking up unwanted radio noise. I would try a different piece of coax cable, since it's possible one of the cables is bad. First check from the TV to the DTA and then if that doesn't work check out the cabling from the wall to the DTA.
Be sure to protect from interference be sure to get an RG6 cable with at least double shielding and maybe even triple or quad shielded to be ultra sure. Should be able to find decent pre-made RG6 cables at Home Depot. The stuff Comcast uses from their truck when they visit is almost always quad shielded RG6.

most places use tri. quad is over kill unless its need in comm closets and such. if i had to use tri on every install, i would be pissed.

Oops I stand corrected, I haven't looked recently at the exact type of RG6 I have around from Comcast.

I know quad is overkill, just trying to think of every way possible to eliminate RF issues.

For a short run from the wall to the TV, and certainly from the TV to the DTA, the typical pre-made double-shielded coax cable you can find in most stores would be fine.